Close to the action – worldwide

Even when my product is far away, I want to be sure that my logistics managers stay close to the action.

AMA Freight has been keeping business on the move since 1994 – over land, on water and by air. With over 100 employees worldwide and offices or agents on every continent, AMA Freight offers operations on a global scale while nevertheless treating every order very personally.
Because AMA Freight is a medium-sized, owner-run family business. And that makes itself felt. From our Hamburg headquarters to our offices in Shanghai, Kiev, Hong Kong and many other locations, behind every one of the 37,000 shipments AMA Freight is responsible for every year you will find a personal contact who identifies 100 per cent with AMA Freight.

To ensure that things stay that way, AMA Freight does not expand by buying other companies, rather growing organically through our own resources and passion, all round the world.