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When I hand over my cargo, I want to know that it’s in the best of hands.

All means of transport, but just one goal: 100 per cent satisfaction.

Wherever the journey ends, the path to your destination is called AMA Freight. Because for AMA Freight it’s not just about the cargo reaching its destination. Only optimum care right from the start can really deliver the goods for customers. That means listening attentively and including every factor in our calculations: How accessible is the place of destination? How narrow is the time window? How heavy is the shipment, and what is the available budget? Whether a simple shipment is required or complex, individually tailored logistic solutions, AMA Freight finds answers to all these questions.

The efficient intermeshing of all means of transport is a key requirement, while a precise understanding of differing regional mentalities confers an immeasurable advantage. AMA Freight is at home anywhere in the world. And if AMA Freight is unable on an individual occasion to offer the best solution, reliable partners will be recommended who are able to further assist our customers. For every shipment, AMA Freight’s goal is 100 per cent customer satisfaction, which may be achieved by lorry, ship or aircraft, but always with a maximum customer focus.