Cross-border flexibility with AMA Freight cross trades.

AMA Freight is also on the ball when it comes to cargo whose loading and unloading points are outside the EU. For decades AMA Freight has organised merchandise shipments all round the world centrally from Hamburg, and in so doing applies quality requirements matching the highest European standards. All this is possible thanks to our well-developed, closely knit network of agents, excellent knowledge of regional practices and an outstanding communications network which ensures a free flow of information even where a lot of coordination is needed. Customers can rely on AMA Freight cross trades because:

  • one contact person is responsible for the central management of the entire transport operation.
  • a closely knit network of AMA agents taps into worldwide loading opportunities.
  • the latest communications technology ensures a reliable flow of information at all times.
  • all necessary documents are available promptly and centrally.
  • close management and monitoring of suppliers guarantees the fastest-possible shipment at all times.
  • we use the services of several different freight shipping lines to ensure flexible freight handling.
  • our worldwide loading contacts facilitate the cut-rate booking of shipping space.
  • freight billing in US dollars is of course possible.
  • we are well-established in all regions, which enables us to secure favourable rates through the flexible use of local carriers and shipping lines which in some cases are neither known nor represented in Europe, but who always satisfy AMA Freight’s high quality requirements.
  • we also possess special expertise in loading hazardous goods, as our chemical industry customers will confirm. Thus tendering and transportation are not the customers’ problem, but instead are part of AMA Freight’s everyday business.

Thanks to AMA Freight cross trades, Hamburg is indeed the gateway to the world. Central. Close. Global.