Bridging the oceans – sea freight with AMA Freight.

For customers using AMA Freight to ship containers, general cargo, consolidated cargo, heavy lift or ro-ro it will be plain sailing right from the start, because AMA Freight takes charge of everything. AMA Freight:

  • keeps in contact with suppliers.
  • looks after the time scheduling.
  • deals with the sea freight purchasing.
  • assigns a contact person with responsibility for the central management of the entire transport operation.
  • opens up worldwide loading options thanks to the closely meshed network of AMA agents.
  • uses the latest communication technology to ensure a reliable flow of information.
  • always guarantees the most rapid possible shipment through precise management and monitoring of suppliers.
  • uses various different freight shipping lines to ensure flexible freight handling.
  • facilitates cut-rate booking of shipping space through our worldwide loading contacts.
  • provides all necessary documents promptly and centrally.
  • coordinates the pre-carriage and onward carriage by train, lorry or inland water vessel.
  • deals with sorting, order picking and palletising.
  • oversees customs procedures.
  • organises special journeys.
  • oversees warehousing activities: AMA Freight is always on the scene and never lets the merchandise out of sight.

AMA Freight also possesses special expertise in loading hazardous goods, as our chemical industry customers will confirm. Thus tendering and transportation are not the customers’ problem, but instead are part of AMA Freight’s everyday business.Naturally for both import and export. This particularly applies to the hot spots China, the Near and Middle East, South America and Russia, but also to Africa, the Far East, the Indian subcontinent, North America and Oceania.

For any shipment outside the EU it is even more important to stay close to the action. And that is what we do! Find out more:

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